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Rag & Bone Distressed Pointed-Toe Loafers
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Mobile phones
Nathan Spendelow
29 Jun 2018

Page 1 of 2 Best budget smartphone 2018: The cheap phones you need to buy in 2018

Hoping to save money on your next smartphone upgrade? Find out the best budget phones you can buy in 2018

Aren't modern smartphones excellent? It's like having a mini super-computer in your pocket compared to the bulky handsets of old. Technology, on the whole, has been getting better and better every year and – crucially – much cheaper too. Because of this, you no longer need to hand over wallet-wilting sums of cash for your annual smartphone upgrade. Move your gaze away from those usual smartphone flagship big-hitters and you'll find yourself a fantastically priced bargain, as there are some cracking budget smartphones to be found.

Yes, those headline-grabbing flagships such as Samsung's Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X are wonderful and all, but you no longer have to spend top dollar for a great smartphone experience anymore. Would you like to know more? Well, that's where we come in. These are the best budget smartphones in 2018.

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Each and every year, Expert Reviews put hundreds of smartphones to the test so you don't have to, with the best coverage in the UK. Because of this, we can definitively give you a heads up which budget smartphone is perfect for you. Take a look below, and you'll spot our regularly curated list of the best budget smartphones you can buy in 2018, as well as a helpful budget smartphone buying guide on the second page.

Without further adieu, here are the best budget smartphones of 2018.

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Price: £220


Motorola hit a rich vein of form with the first four generations of Moto G but, with the Moto G5, it faltered for the first time. This was the first G-branded phone to miss an appearance on this list but the Moto G6 has put the firm back onto its winning ways in 2018.

Flavonoids come from plants and can be responsible for giving pigmentation and colors to being involved in UV filtration. They are similar to antioxidants in that they have a free radical scavenging capacity and have anti-cancer properties while other flavonoids show potential for anti HIV function . We get flavonoids from fruits, vegetables, teas, wine and a significant amount from cacao. Essentially the antioxidant activity comes from flavanoids

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There is a positive relationship between intake of flavonoid rich foods such as cacao and lower rates of cardiovascular-related mortality . In the 1930’s to early 50’s flavonoids were actually referred to as ‘Vitamin P’ because of the effect they had on the permeability of vascular capillaries. That study linked here has shown that as little as 5 grams of cacao powder is sufficient to elicit significant vasodilation of the brachial artery.

There is a huge amount of fiber in just a one ounce serving of cacao nibs. 9 grams ! This can help control your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. This fiber can also help lower blood cholesterol as well as helping keep bowel movements regular. You and I are close now and I think we can definitely talk about that…

9 grams

A one ounce serving of cacao nibs has 64 milligrams of magnesium making it one of the best dietary sources of it. Magnesium is starting to be really recognized as a very key element for the body as it is involved in hundreds of functions in the body such as:

This time in a one ounce serving you are looking at 183 mg of potassium! Potassium is crucial for life, it is key in heart, kidneys and other organs to function properly. Potassium is found in a lot of foods including cacao nibs but the average person is not eating a healthy diet and low potassium is associated with :

Chocolate and cacao help stimulate the brain into releasing neurotransmitters that can trigger feel good hormones. One of those unique neurotransmitters released by cacao is Ruthie Davis Rachele Wedge Booties w/ Tags 100% Authentic Online Cheap Sale Footlocker Pictures Sale Official Site Purchase Cheap Cheap Fashionable KqOcAWuxj9
. This “love drug” releases endorphins giving us alertness, contentment and a better sense of well-being.

Probably why I turn to chocolate every time I watch the Notebook…

Whew, that had a lot of science behind it. This theme is starting to play in my head now….


So check out cacao nibs. They are easy to find now in packages or even at bulk food stores. They make a great snack when mixed with nuts like almonds and adding an ounce or two a day can have some tremendous benefits.

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